Any thoughts about translations in other languages?

Great Pathfinder fan here from Germany. The idea for Nexus is great but for some of my players it would be great if it would be available in German. Is there any chance that there will be translations in the future?


We have no details to share at this time, but we will follow Paizo’s lead with translations and explore options as we move forward. Thanks!

I want to support this request. While I personally don’t have a problem my regular gaming groups don’t speak english very well, so the only one who could use the nexus properly would be me as a GM, but I will have to transfer every character related stuff from nexus to the correct official german translation (which was obviously done by a translation agent without knowledge of RPGs imho).
This is so much work that the help a digital toolset provides is easily diminshed and you can do it faster with the printed books by hand.

Which is why I would be really grateful if localization would find a place on the long term roadmap!

I’d like to second that request as well. I used to play dnd and had every book on dndbeyond as well as a physical copy. I had the same issues mleimenmeier described with me being almost the only one using all the stuff so I probably won’t buy everything 2 times again unless it would be in german and the whole group could use it.

Until official translations are available you can use Chrome’s “Translate” function.
I just tested it on the core rulebook and the german translation was quite impressive, almost flawless.
It even translated Game Master to “Spielleiter” and picked up on the abbreviation “GM” and turned that into “SL”.

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I’m the editor for the german Pathfinder2 rules Wiki and so I really like to have a translation that can compare to the official ones from Ulisses.

+1 for translation (Spanish).

Any news in regards to a translation?

Is there any news on this in the meantime?

No updates or details we can share at this time. Thanks for checking in!

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