Fighter & Wizard Class Options

Very smooth and fast at building a character until picking class options for a Fighter

Unable to select the options

Result of making a selection

Wizard’s Arcane School has the same result if selected


I also had this problem with selection of Arcane School.

Using Firefox web browser on a Ubuntu OS.

I am using Edge and Safari with the same results

I’m not able to replicate these issues in Chrome. Are you still encountering them?

As I went through the flow (ABC’s) I chose only the top level for each. A (Human - Versatile Heritage ) , B (Haunted) and C ( Fighter ) not knowing that I needed to complete the remaining sub-selections for each ABC I saved my character and went into the character sheet to try to make the changes there. Not being able to make changes in the character sheet I went back to my character building phase and tried to make the changes.

I was able to duplicate this with two additional characters Bob and Bob2

Top Level Selection Only Not completing the rest of the sub-selections

Returning from Character Sheet and trying to finish my sub-selections

Result when I try to finish

The issue seems to be in Class where I am not able to finish my selections. I was able to go back to Ancestry and Background and finish picking.

Please note that the Background feat does not pass to the character sheet also.

Hope this helps

Thank you, we’ll take a look!