General feedback

  • Possibly add in a randomized fantasy name generator for folks who cannot come up with a name or just need something generic off-the-cuff
  • Good use of having the actual character creation rules available on the right-hand pane and allowing someone to reference that as needed, I think that is smart
  • There is a gap between the portraits and “Begin” that is weird–“Begin” button can be moved up likely so the “Preferences & Rules” also shows more easily. If more portraits plan to be added, maybe make the portraits the scrollable box and leave the buttons as static
  • Ancestry step is nice, feels good and does not seem to be cumbersome or cluttered
    • Maybe move stats and HP to be centered at the top vs. right-aligned?
    • Feat selection should be limited to the character’s level as a default filter. A level 1st character should not be able to see 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 11th, etc. Feats available to select
    • Extend this to ensuring that if you have not selected a Prerequisite feat, that it does not show up either
  • Class section should split actual level vs. future levels into two parts. That way it is easier to understand what your available levels are vs. how many more you have to go (helpful for people creating characters at higher levels initially)
  • When viewing Character Sheet, the hero points value is off-center. Maybe move the arrows up/down outside of the border so the number is centered, or remove the up/down arrows and make it a text input box only
  • See about adding an initial equipment selection option when creating the character as well, so that default equipment can be selected from character creation vs. manually adding it in

General impression: I like it overall; I think for an alpha it came out really well and feels relatively intuitive to use. Looking forward to seeing the final product, I think it will kick ass!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and welcome!

We’ll note all of what you’ve shared, but I thought I would reply directly on this one:

A random name generator is definitely on the list.

Thanks again!


Thanks so much for the quick reply! I know you all are getting swamped with it, and I’m really excited to see the final product! Keep up the great work.

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Any chance of having a random character generator for the future :wink:

More than a chance - we plan to provide that option at some point in the future, but it is not a priority until we get making characters that you want to make intentionally working smoothly first! :relaxed:


I am posting here to avoid creating a new thread.

  • Add a button for “Next” and “Previous” to be able to go back between the logical steps or go forward to the next items so it’s easier to just swap between what you have to do and make it more intuitive for mobile devices or people new to character builders.

Just a very quick and general feedback on the character creator:

  • I really like the direction this is going.

  • I like the layout, especially the fact that is as minimalistic as possible while being modern and sleek, and that the focus is on practicality and ease of use (no needless complications like back and forth menus to select your options, better to work instead on one screen only and lots of collapsable menus and side popups, like you are doing). I also like that the character sheet that is generated is close in look to the original paizo character sheet, but better. That original character sheet never worked as a paper document for me, and I always found it to be very ugly. I’m happy to see that you found a way to work in the design cues in your effective and functional looking version!

If you keep going in this direction while implementing the rest and fixing the bugs, then I think you will have a very good product on your hands, imo.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: