Issues With Character Tools

The character tools have been insanely fun to use! However, I have these issues with it:

  • I am unable to choose classes or ancestries outside of the CRB or APG.
  • I am unable to choose a general feat at 1st level, whether normally or via the Versatile Human lineage.

This being said, I may simply not be aware of how to do this. If helpful feedback could be given, I would very much appreciate it!

From what I understand they don’t actually have all of the books written into the system yet

Like what animefreak has said here, we’re still working on getting options from all of the books set up in the builder, so we’ve initially limited it to the CRB and APG for options while we get more ready to roll out.

Here’s a table we shared on Tuesday of where we were at in terms of how many playable options were fully ready to go in the builder. More options will be added as we go!

We were aware of an issue with feats yesterday at the time that you posted and have since rolled out an update which should have resolved it. :slight_smile:

i’m currently having a similar issue, and need some help as well as give feedback

the issue stems with feats in character creation, what ends up happening now whenever i click on them i end up with a full description on skills and cannot select any sort of feats for a rogue i was working on.

to add aswell i cannot get to charisma due to how low the creator is and that i can’t scroll down that far, so i’d suggest just rasing it up just enough to get to the bottom.

i’m also gonna include the images of before and after with what i am getting now.

Thanks. We’ll take a look. :slight_smile: