Pathfinder NEXUS Remaster Program and Paizo Sync

If I use the new Pathfinder NEXUS Remaster Program option and recieve the Player Core for free, will that sync back to my Paizo Account so that I recieve the PDF for free there as well?

I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t.

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i linked my nexus account to my paizo account and i still have to pay for my books here on nexus

How Paizo connect work is if you bought a pdf from Paizo you get a discount on places you have connected like Demiplane to get it there. If you bought from Demiplane Paizo gives you a pdf for free.

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Yes, I can confirm that (as you’ll own the book on Demiplane) when it releases and Paizo Connect syncs to confirm that, you’ll receive the PDF.


As I understand it, if you own the books at you get a discount from Demiplane, if you on them act Demiplane, you get the PDF on as part of your purchase from Demiplane.

I got most of my Pathfinder PDFs that way. Just remember you have to go to “account settings” then “sync accounts” to refresh the Paizo Connect data. Then you’ll get credit at Paizo and be able to download the PDFs, when they’re available.


Perhaps I misunderstood how the Remaster Program was going to work but I read this on the latest blog on Paizo’s website today:

Demiplane is also offering a similar deal. Players who already own the Pathfinder Core Rulebook can upgrade to Pathfinder Player Core & Pathfinder GM Core for free—this does not connect with Paizo’s site and will not grant free PDFs via our webstore.

I must admit, I am quite disappointed by this and I think it will have caught a lot people by surprise.

That is not the most up-to-date information on our end. I’m not sure where we got our wires crossed on this, but we’ll touch base with them to get this updated in the blog post.

If you get a book on Pathfinder NEXUS by any method - purchase, product key, bundle, remaster program, conjuration magic, etc., you can and should expect to see the associated PDF through Paizo Connect. If you experience an issue with that, please refresh your sync and if it persists, submit a support ticket and we’ll make sure you get that PDF.

You can submit a ticket here:

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I just refreshed my sync and got my PDF. Thanks!

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