Phase 2 of Early Access Begins!

Makes sense for sure. However, until they release character builder / sheet. It’s mostly just pure speculation. I’d recommend you get in on the next dev update on Tuesday and get your question in early and get it answered directly from them.

I’ve already invested in the core books. However, if I can’t import my character into Foundry VTT or changes made on that character be fed back into Nexus, I’m not certain how much I will be using Nexus. For instance, when the GM gives me treasure in the VTT will it automatically update Nexus or at least offer an export feature at the end of the session?

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I see on the videos that there seems to be an app, and someone mentioned it on this thread. I cannot seem to find this app on the app store or Google Play. Does anyone know the name of it for Nexus so I can take these books with me on the go? Thank you.

Hey stormsword, and welcome!

Everything in our toolset is optimized to work on your phone or tablet’s web browser.

Umm this may be a weird question it am I supposed to have access to seemingly everything? I was expecting it to be kinda like dndbeyond where I wouldn’t be able to view all the class feats and stuff unless I purchased the material it is found in but I seem to have access to everything. If this is how it is supposed to work, what would buying the books/content give? Just the ability to read the book?

Pathfinder uses an open gaming license that means all the rules are available for free. Buying the books just lets you read them with the reader. It might have some impact on what you have access to in the character builder when they roll that out, maybe. I don’t think they’ve said yet.

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