Timezones and regional filtering

Is there a way to only find players/groups from a certain region? A lot of this website seems pretty American centric with little in the way for people with different time zones/culture/language.

Hi @jader7777 – Thanks for the message! A few things for you:

  • First, Demiplane displays adventure availability based on the timezone you are viewing the site in.
  • Second, there is an adventure filter button in the top right of the screen. If you select that filter button, a drawer will pop out to assist you in pinning down adventures you may be interested in joining. Select “Availability & Frequency” and select from any windows of availability. (image below).
  • Finally, just so you are aware, we have only just recently opened Demiplane to the broader international audience (and, in some areas of the app, are still continuing to do so).

I hope this helps!