$10 discount is not enough

I own all the books listed so far. It would cost me $160 to buy a nexus version of what I already bought. Hopefully there will be sales in the future but at the moment, my feedback is that you need to lower the price if you want to entice Paizo hardback subscribers into the fold. Perhaps an aditional retroactive subscription linked via Paizo. That would be acceptable if the prices are closer to $5 per book instead of $20.

The discount is provided by Paizo and base it of pdf not physical as owning something digital is a different purchase decision then physical version. Having to price at around $5 is impossible because of licensing fees and that it there job to make these tools and need to be paid for there work. These prices were decided by both Paizo and Demiplane and it unlikely that they will change.

However like DNDBeyond you will be able to buy certain parts of the books and of what I have heard there are bundles planned.


Also keep in mind that even without the books, the compendium will have access to a lot of the data minus the pretty graphics. You may not need to buy them at all.

They are still working on the compendium I believe for searching things like a class or ancestry etc.
It’s still all in early access. Also the costs on the lost omens content will be greater than he core books.
This is because those books pricing is arbitrarily set by Paizo.

Cost of hard copy / pdf sometimes is very close in price. I’ve written them and basically been told tough noogies. I have a feeling as the books age they will fall in price on the pdf side of things anyhow.