1st level wizard feats

I’m new to PF2 and to Demiplane so I’m not sure if the Character creation tool is bugged or I’m just missing something. I started creating a wizard and when I got done with level one I realized there was no first level feat other then the one I got for my Arcane Thesis. In the PC rulebook it show’s the wizard getting a feat at first level. Can someone confirm if this is an issue with the Nexus tool or am I just missing something? Thank you in advance.

You must have a very old copy of the rulebook. That is a typo, and was addressed in Paizo’s errata: Official Pathfinder FAQ and Errata | Paizo. Look under “Pathfinder Core Rulebook Errata → Resolve”.

I bought my Player Core book about two months ago and it says it’s under the new ORC license which is fairly new. Is there already more then one version of the “new” remastered version of PF2?

Hmm that’s strange - I’m looking at page 194 of my printed copy of the Player Core (there’s only been one printing so far, so our copies should be identical), and the Wizard Advancement table does not list the Wizard receiving a class feat at first level. Where are you seeing this in the Player Core?

We have the same book, I’ve been working under the assumption that 2nd edition is similar to 1st in that all classes start with a first level feat. After looking at the link you provided and doing a little more forum diving, I’ve discovered that my assumptions were incorrect. I have since learned that most caster classes only get a 1st level feat if their Ancestry or a Class Ability gives them one. Thank you for responding to my thread, after making a few adjustment to my Wizard I believe he’ll turn out to be the Drake riding, spell slinging bada** I want him to be.