(2nd level) Gatewalkers - Learn to Play Pathfinder 2E | Level 1-10 Campaign | New Player Friendly!

:open_book: Synopsis:

Embark on a thrilling journey filled with paranormal wonders as an ancient curse is finally lifted from the mystical River Kingdom of Sevenarches. Join our courageous heroes as they venture into the enchanting depths of the ancient forest realm, seeking answers to long-held secrets. However, beware of the treacherous obstacles that lie ahead, including violent druids, cunning fey hunters, and distrustful townsfolk. All these challenges are orchestrated by the mysterious and elusive bogeyman who manipulates the strings from a shadowy realm.

Unravel the intricate schemes, discover the connection between the deadly obnubilate curse and your own lost memories, and uncover the unimaginable secrets that await beyond the enigmatic Seventh Arch.

Are you ready to be captivated by this extraordinary adventure? There’s only one way to unveil the truth - register now and be part of the extraordinary journey that awaits!

:clock1: 2024-03-30T01:00:00Z with a 10 minute break halfway through and continue weekly.

:man_mage: Players: 2/6

:computer: Platform: FoundryVTT with voice chat on Discord.

:dollar: Costs: $18 USD per person per session. Payments are handled via demiplane

:level_slider: Campaign Levels : 1-10

:man_judge: Code of Conduct:

  • NO Bullying, hazing, or otherwise picking on a fellow character. You are a team and as such will treat each other with respect.
  • NO Torturing or slaving captured NPCs
  • NO Sexual content (sweet talking may be used as a form of persuasion but ONLY with NPCs)
  • NO Shutting down other players ideas or actions.
  • Each player has a chance to voice their thoughts or intent. If you say “My character will try…” then we will play out the outcome. If you ask the party for their opinion, then that action can be decided upon by the group (in or out of character). There are no wrong answer or suggestions.

:mag_right: About Myself:

There are no bad ideas, only bad dice rolls” - I feel this sums up my Game Mastering style pretty nicely. I am laid back and always looking to provide each player (and their character) a chance to have that “cool” moment. I am extremely flexible when it comes to running campaigns, prioritizing player agency above pre-written or pre-planned direction. After all we are partaking in a collaborative story narrative, and more often than not those memorable sessions are driven by players attempting something outrageous!

I’ve been a professional GM for 3 years, with 300+ games through startplaying.games. If you’d like to learn more about what my current and previous players have to say about me then check out my profile page @ startplaying.games

If you have any questions feel free to reply or send me a DM.

To register visit https://app.demiplane.com/share/rs4giRv?utm_source=demiplane&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=320833

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