5E & Homebrew Support

With the announcement of “5E” support incoming, I desperately hope demiplane’s going to be prioritizing more robust homebrew tools than DDB did. Especially with how fragmented the landscape’s likely to be, if Demiplane’s going to be the tool of choice, it’s going to need

  • Robust support for making homebrew characters, including homebrew classes and species
  • Cleaner and easier support for multiple 5E system options - 5E SRD, Kobold Press’s Project Black Flag, KibblesTasty’s 5E++, Enworld’s A5E, etc.
  • A streamlined path for indie creators to get their content into Demiplane, and easy ways for creators to connect demiplane options to kickstarter or patreon access

They have said that there will be homebrew tools in the future, but I don’t think it is anywhere in the early access stage of the site.