A bug and a request

Bug: Nearly every time I visit Demiplane, I have to log back in. This happens across devices and across browsers. This didn’t used to happen prior to this week.

Request: When I click the big search button (magnifying glass at the top of the page), I then have to click the search bar before I can start typing. It would be great if the search bar automatically gained focus.

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Thanks for posting! The needing to log in each time you visit the site is a known issue last week’s release of our new login process that should be addressed with Tuesday’s release, but thank you for making sure we were aware of it.

We also have the search bar getting the focus on the list to take a look at.

Thanks again!


And I see I am late to the party once more with my reports. Glad it’s getting taken care of, though. It’s hardly the biggest annoyance in the world, but still!

No worries at all!

Overlaps are -always- better than gaps in our business.