A question about the Native App for mobile / tablets

Heya! I am currently in the process of running the last D&D 5e campaigns I’ll ever run, and already have a sizeable collection of PF2 books in both RL and Demiplane versions. I’m hoping to switch to PF2 as my primary game once these two D&D campaigns are done, and I’m absolutely in love with Demiplane’s PF2 support.

The game shop where I play, though, doesn’t have a Wi-fi connection. That’s fine for my current campaign, because D&D Beyond has a native app, but I can’t wait to slay the dragon once and for all and be done with them. The FAQ says there will be a Demiplane native app eventually, but the post there is from 2021. Are there any updates on that? Looking forward to using it!

Many thanks!


Hi Qwert,

It sounds like that FAQ needs an update. We do not currently have plans for a native app, but it’s certainly possible that we could develop one in the future. Our current focus is on the continued development of the platform to support more games and add more features. :slight_smile:

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I recently went through a similar transition and TBH I have to say, the dndbeyond app experience was never as good as the website in a mobile browser.

Given the limits of development time, if it’s important to be able to play without an internet connection I think it’s probably better for them to develop a way to print your character sheet or make a pdf to save to your device.

Even more so, internet access is so ubiquitous, maybe asking your game store to add wifi or having a player enable tethering to their phone is a better option.

Thank you for your reply!! Demiplane is already better than D&D Beyond in almost every respect (the sole exception I can think of is the native app) and I’m thrilled to see it expand to more games. I’m really looking forward to picking up my StarFinder 2 books from Demiplane when they launch!

Thanks again. Love what you all are doing, keep up the amazing work!