A Storyteller’s Play-by-Post Wishlist

Here’s yet another wishlist for our beloved Demiplane dev team! :smiley:

We may not have access yet to the full range of functions we’re looking forward to (like character sheets), but even at this point it’s very clear to us that Demiplane will make an ideal environment for our coming Vampire the Masquerade play-by-post. We’ve decided to start using Demiplane to facilitate our VtM chronicle, so I started exploring some of the chat features - and I couldn’t help but come up with a small, reasonable wish list that I’d love to float your way, dev team! Of course, only you know what’s on your task list or how difficult it might be to implement any of these suggestions, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to throw out some ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Non-tallied rolls. An option that you can turn off or on to tally pools of dice would be excellent. In some games, like Vampire, the total value of the dice are irrelevant. Of course, it’s easy enough to ignore the tally and just look at the individual results, but I thought this would be a nice gesture for all the non-D&D/PF players who are rolling above or below a certain number on their dice to determine degrees of success or failure.

  2. dice roll comments. A little comment you can leave on the dice roll itself indicating what the roll is for. This is especially important in VtM as there’s a distinction between your regular dice and your hunger dice. Conveniently knowing which set a roll pertains to would be invaluable for a VtM game. Using a different colour of dice could work too, but comments would be much more valuable I assume for non-VtM games as well.

  3. one more chat - I kind of mentioned this in a previous post about adding channels. A variable number of chats may be unreasonable at this point, but if I could propose one more chat (so you have Game, Party and … OOC/Discussion) it’d be easier to centralize a community on this platform without needing an additional app like Discord.

Thanks as always for hearing us out. Regardless of the above, we’re setting up to begin our VtM play-by-post chronicle soon, and I’m really looking forward to getting even more out of Demiplane :heart:


Thanks for sharing your feedback. It’s no secret that we plan to make some updates to the way games are currently set up, and when we do, we’ll be taking all of this into consideration, along with every other piece of feedback that we’ve received.

In the meantime, I hope your chronicle gets off to a smooth start and everyone has a blast! :slight_smile: