A11Y Bug - Dice lack keyboard control

Hi Demiplane Team,

I’m having a lot of trouble navigating the Candela character sheets via keyboard controls. There are many elements that lack visible focus indicators, but my biggest challenge is the digital dice roller window. Even when you can get it open via the keyboard, none of the internal controls are accessible.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Load a Candela Obscura character sheet
  2. Press the TAB key repeatedly until the Dice Roller button receives function
  3. Press the ENTER key to activate the Dice Roller dialog

When the dialog is open…

  1. Focus should automatically switch to the first interactive element (i.e. the “Add Gilded Die” button).
  2. All interactive elements within the dialog should be accessible via TAB key.
  3. Focus should be trapped within the dialog.
  4. Pressing the ESC key should close the dialog

Keyboard users are unable to use the digital dice roller.

Physically rolling d6 dice pools presents a challenge for players with motor impairments. Having keyboard accessible digital dice will help us include more players in the Candela Obscura community.

Thanks for this feedback! We’ll take a look at this, because you should be able to make rolls directly from the sheet - the fields that make those rolls just can’t be selected when tabbing through the sheet right now, which means something isn’t working the way it should. :slight_smile:

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