Ability Boost Options Bug - Previous selection can break ability selection contraints


I’ve tried making a new character using Google Chrome.
I’ve selected a level 3 character, Elf, Woodland Elf.
Under Ability Score Options I can select Default that has one free selection or 2 boosts with two selections.
Step 1. I select Default and choose Str as my only free selection.
Step 2. I change to 2 boosts, Str is already chosen and I can select one more, let’s say Dex. I can’t choose anything else to Boost. So far everything works.
Step 3. I change back to Default and now my Str and Dex are boosted together with the default boosts and I can also boost anything that is not already boosted by me or the default. I boost Con, Wis and Cha.
Step 4. I change back to 2 boost and can select Int to have all stats boosted.

I think the problem happens because switching between options keeps the previous Selection even though it can break selection constraints. Once the constraints are broken, no other constraint is applied on the current Selection. I think you need to clear the previous selection if it is not valid under the option you want to switch to.

TLDR; I can have 6 ability boost Selection while selected options allow only 1 or 2 Selections. Selection constraints can be broken with a few clicks.

Thanks for calling that out. We’ll look into the issue.