Access to a character sheet when player not in session

As the GM ~ can I use an absent player’s character sheet if I am playing their character whilst they are not present in real life. eg to marks stress & hit points…?..


Hello hello!

While you can’t edit another user’s sheet, you can make a copy of their current sheet if they drop you a share link. You can then modify it in whatever ways you’d like–and you can then drop them back a share link so they can copy the new version back into their account!

Is there GM side read only access for absentee players characters? That is something we normally use for planning future adventures taking some character info into the story. In this game we might want to add something for one of their experiences, so that the character can use it during the adventure. Or depending on the experience, we could bring an NPC related to it to help or hinder the PCs.

Notice that this isn’t for playtime, but for game planning.

The share link gives you a read only copy, yes! As an example, here’s a character of mine that I’m happy to share. You can optionally choose to create a copy to save a version to your account.