Accessibility Issue with how the Titles of Feats and Spells are Read along with their Traits by a Screen Reader

Hi, I know that that was a confusing title, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t think of a better way to write that out. Basically what’s happening is this. If I am looking through a list of spells or feats, the title of a spell or list is shown along with its traits, but my screen reader reads the traits all of like they are all one word, and usually the last word in the name of the feat or spell is also jumbled up along with this. For example, right now I’m creating a Dwarf Wizard, and I’m going through the Dwarf ancestry feats. The first feat in the list is Adaptive Vision, which has the Uncommon and Dwarf traits. Unfortunately, my screen reader reads this as “ADAPTIVE VISIONUNCOMMONDWARF,” and naturally my screen reader really struggles with pronouncing “VISIONUNCOMMONDWARF” because it sees it as all one word. I don’t know if there’s a way to space this out a little or do something with Aria labeling here, because I assume this looks fine visually, especially since I think this is just kind of how traits display in Pathfinder content. I know when I copy and paste text from Archives of Nethys it comes out like that but the screen reader doesn’t have any issue reading the traits on that web site since each trait is a hyperlink, which causes the screen reader to recognize them as separate elements.
I’m rambling as usual, but if there’s any way to fix this I’d appreciate it. It makes choosing things more difficult. Also, as an afterthought, the button to back out of a list of feats or spells or similar pop-up is unlabeled. The screen reader recognizes that it is a button, and I was able to intuit its purpose based on its location but it would be nice if it was labeled. To wrap this up though I do want to let you guys know that screen reader accessibility in the builder and sheet is overall pretty solid and I’m really enjoying using it.

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Thanks for the feedback here. I’ve passed this along to the team. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. I’ll let you guys know if I spot anything else, but it’s really quite good now from an accessibility standpoint. I’d feel comfortable actually using it in play now. I’m loving it!


That’s what we love to hear! Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey so just a quick update on this. When I’m using the character builder in my iPhone’s browser, the iPhone’s VoiceOver screen reader does not jumble the name of the feat or spell up with the traits as though it’s all one word. I’m not sure why all of the screen readers I’ve tried on my PC can’t get this right, but since the VoiceOver screen reader is pretty similar on iPhones and Mac computers, I’d be willing to bet that the issue is specific to PCs using chrome-based browsers. I have been unable to test in firefox due to an issue I previously reported.

Thanks for the additional insight here. It’s helpful to know that the issue seems to be isolated to Chrome-browsers on PC.