Accessibility issues with platform features

The dice roller is very aesthetic pleasing, but adding numbers to each of the die icons is absolutely necessary. For folks who are vision impaired or have certain cognitive disabilities that make differing between similar shapes hard, the dice roller as it currently looks is going to be incredibly hard to use.

In general, would love to see tweaks to the site to better align with ADA and WAI/WCAG guidelines, as well as a formal accessibility statement. Great resources are available through W3C: Accessibility - W3C

Thanks for the feedback - adding numbers to the die icons is on the list.

We are definitely aware of the ADA and WAI/WCAG guidelines and are working with consultants to improve accessibility across the platform. Accessibility is a priority for us, and we appreciate your patience and feedback as we learn and work to make tabletop roleplaying games more accessible than ever before. We will share more updates as we have them.