Accessibility with text-to-speach program

I’ve been trying out the platform as a blind person in browser (tried both Chrome and Brave) and I have some issues with screen reader accessibility. I don’t know if it’s a problem only for me, it might be. So my issue is that the side bars that appeare on the right are not accessible at all. I only find the clickable buttons but nothing else, which means that I cannot really access information about stuff. It is also true in character creation. For example when choosing a class I can only find the select buttons with my screen reader. I might add that is an issue in seemingly all games, so far I tried Pathfinder 2e, Vampire the Masquerade and Daggerheart and I have the same issue in all of them. For example in the case of Daggerheart, I can move between selecting my ansestry and selecting my community on the left but I can’t access my options on the right, only the select buttons. As I said it is the case with every sidebar on the right but it might be a unique case, there might be something I’m doing wrong I just cannot seem to find what. Thanks for the help in advance!

Hello and thank you for posting. We appreciate the feedback since accessibility is something important to us that we want to continually improve.

We’ve performed testing and received a good bit of feedback that the character creation process works with screen readers up to this point, but there could be something we haven’t covered with your particular setup.

Could you share a few more details to help us see what could be happening on your end?

What kind of screen reading program and browser / operating system are you using? Are you using it on desktop or mobile?

Thanks for helping us track it down!

I am using a pc with Windows 11 and Brave browser. The screen reader I use is the latest version of Jaws. The way Jaws is set up it reads anything I point my cursor at and it works with most texts on the site but when I for example click on a class in Daggerheart’s character creation I am not able to make it read out things on the right even if I put my cursor on the texts (except for Select and similar buttons) and I cannot even navigate that part with keyboard. It is the same with side bars on the character sheet for example when I want to check an item in more detail or what Agility is for and such. If it helps I could make a screen recording to show what I mean.

Thanks for sharing that information - we’ll dig in and see what we can find.

As a note, we optimize for Chrome as the priority, so I’m not sure if that will help in the short term for you or not, but I wanted to be sure to mention it.

Have a good weekend!

Thank you very much! Also meanwhile I checked and on my Android phone everything works fine so it’s only a problem on pc it seems.