Action Icons Not Labeled for Screen Readers in Character Builder

Hey, I can’t believe I didn’t notice this until now, because it’s one of the issues that you guys already resolved for the reader and compendium. In the character builder, the icons that show how many actions something needs are not labeled for screen readers. I never thought to pay that close of attention to it until now because I haven’t actually used this for play yet and I just kind of assumed they would be labeled since the sheet theoretically draws from those sources, but they don’t appear to be.

Hello @baelorthebard - thanks as always for checking in with accessibility feedback to make sure we’re not missing anything!

This one is on our short list. There are indeed many parts of the digital reader and game compendium that flow through into the builder, but the way tables are created in the builder and sheet is a different and new “layer” on top of that, so it doesn’t automatically get the same configuration.

Rest assured though, we’ve got it on our radar and will get it in place as soon as we can.