Add a Domain overview page?

I’d love if there was a domain overview page with the brief summary of what each domain means (and maybe also listing what two classes use that domain at the bottom) to help with ease of learning the system. The class pages tell what two domains it falls into, but to get the definitions for each domain you have to sift through all the rules pages, which are just sorted in alphabetical order and if you hit back on your browser then you have to click back through all the pages to get back to say page 6 of the rules to look at “valor” again.

This is especially useful for those with ADHD or other working memory deficits. I ended up making a one page table summary for myself because I couldn’t find a page on the website that did that already, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it until I could see that all laid out. (Attaching that in case it’s useful to see what I made to help my own brain in terms of what might be useful to others?)


Hi there ebanks! Thanks for the suggestion, happy to pass it along to the team.

While it doesn’t include the class reference you have created here, the playtest document includes a Domain overview on this page that may be helpful for now.

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Seconding ebanks suggestion both for here and in print. Coming into this trying to be open-minded about character creation and avoid falling into stereotypes I found the need to search up and down or use multiple tabs/links to piece together a view of class/ancestry/domain options - particularly with a view to selecting aligned rather than conflicting capabilities I found that lack of a overview page frustrating. It would also make for a good centralised link if you had an image of that domain wheel/clock with the classes shown at the intersections, that you could then link down from. Given part of my playtest group are TTRPG novices having that kind of more structured intro would help, especially since its one of the few places all classes would also be shown in any kind of context.