Adding a Reinforement Rune to a Steel Shield

I am trying to add a reinforcing rune(minor) to a steel shield. I have added a steel shield to the character sheet, and have added a reinforcing rune to the sheet also. There is a field on the ‘Steel Shield’ that allows you to add a Rune, but the Reinforcing Rune is not listed. There is an Item called a ‘Sturdy Shield, Minor’ which should have the same stats as the Steel Shield with the rune, but when I add it and equip the Sturdy Shield on my off hand the Stats displayed are for a normal ‘Steel Shield’ (Hard 5, HP 20, BT 10).
Am I missing something or is this a bug

Hello jack.socal!

Two things are happening here.

  1. We are aware of, and working on a bug related to shields not bringing in the correct hardness, HP, and broken threshold if they use another item as a base. We’ll post about it in a patch update as soon as we have it fixed.

  2. There’s an issue with how Reinforcing Rune is coded. That’s something I should be able to fix swiftly on my end, and include it in tomorrow’s patch update. Please note that the reinforcing rune giving the proper numerical changes to the shield are impacted by #1—we’ll keep working on that to get it fixed up as soon as we can!

Thanks for the report!

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