Adding Items in Builder

Ok, I admit I might be missing something here, but when trying to Add Items such as armor or weapons, I only see items with the option labeled “Unlock.” Searching for basic weapons such as an axe or shortsword comes up with nothing, or with items behind the Unlock option. Is there a way to add/buy weapons and armor in the character builder/sheet at this time?

There are a few freely available options from the Pathfinder Primer, but aside from those options, you need to own the book that the equipment comes from in order to use it on your character sheet. :slight_smile:

We are adding some improvements to equipment management when we roll out a new version of our character tools in the coming weeks that should help significantly here.

Hi, I hope you don’t mind me piggybacking off this topic instead of starting a new one. In the equipment section of the character building, all I see is the wealth table for each label. Am I missing some option to allow me to pick my kit or is it something to do with being on Chrome on an iPad?

Hi jerrybloom!

Not all classes in Pathfinder 2e have class kits. Only by selecting a class that has a class kit option (such as any of the classes in Player Core, like the Fighter or Wizard) will you be able to select items from the kit/starting equipment. All other item management is done in the sheet itself.

I hope that helps!

I was working on a barbarian but I’ll try a different class to see.