Adding lore skills?

Is there a way to add lore skills yet? I know there was a discussion in March about it, but it’s been a while since then so I’d figure I’d ask.

This is on our list, but not ready to be rolled out yet. We’ll share more when we can! :slight_smile:

I received notification that additional lore skills are now an option. I thought “Great” as I have two characters in creation limbo waiting for that option. Unfortunately, I see four additional lore options in my skill list, I’m listed as trained in all four, and I can’t change the names on any of them.

Can someone explain how the new lores are supposed to work? I saw the instructions to click on a lore and change the name, but nothing is clickable in my list.

I’d have to see the character sheet to know what exactly you’re looking at in order to know if/how the updates might apply to your situation.

I see the Lore skills exist, but can’t seem to add them to my character without taking a feat or background. Is this ability still pending or am I just missing something? Per the Core Rulebook, “You can learn any Lore skill your GM gives you permission to take” and I have two such skills I took at level 1. My inability to add them is making character creation impossible to finish.

Happy to share if you could provide insight into the process.

Right now, there are four lore skills showing in character creation that I can’t edit. I was able to successfully create a skill (Academia Lore) from the character sheet.

What we have added is the groundwork needed for us to add what you’re attempting to do here. It’s on the way, but we haven’t quite gotten there yet. We hope to have more to share about this in the near future. :slight_smile:

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Yes, please share either a screenshot of your character or update you share settings and share the sheet with me so I can go look at it myself.

Then let me know what you’re wanting to change and where that came from and I can advise you if that’s something that is currently available and how you might do that.

Lore skills are a work in progress, as we add more functionality, but it’s something that we are making good progress on. :slight_smile:

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Reference Char1_Sheet.png

From this image, you can see that I was able to create a new skill, the Academia Lore pictured and highlighted. Also visible are four lore skills that look to be something modifiable at some level. Right now, they are showing as Trained for the character, though none of them have been selected in the character builder.

Reference Char2_Builder1.png

This simply shows that I have three skills to select in order to complete this portion of the character builder. Note that the skill created from the character sheet is not showing up as part of my skill completion through the character builder. My character has three skills to pick and was going to pick three lore skills.

Reference Char2_Builder2.png

This shows that the lore skill I created in the sheet doesn’t show as a skill and that the four lore skills are present. I can’t click them to change anything. Can’t change the name, can’t change to untrained, nothing. They are just sitting there in the skill list.

Following up here after talking with our team today:

There are two things happening here.

We’ve identified the cause of the multiple lore skill issue and have a fix ready to roll out later this week (current estimate is Friday). So once that update rolls out, you should be able to go in and deselect/reselect the option that is giving you the additional lore skill and that is what you’ll want to use for your Academia lore skill on the sheet.

Right now for basic homebrew functionality, you can add custom skills like you did with Academia lore right on the sheet. However, they don’t appear in the builder because they aren’t tied to any of the engines in the builder (it will eventually be possible to do this in the builder, but we aren’t there quite yet).

Once the update rolls out, you should only have one Choose Lore (Additional Lore) option on your character, and in the sheet, you’ll be able to click on it and there will be a text field for you to name what lore you want (in this case, Academia), which will then let you manage that in the builder while leveling up. At that point, you can remove the other Academia lore skill you created, since it will be extraneous and not tied to anything in the builder.

I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any questions when making these updates once the fix is rolled out. :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you for the help. I look forward to the update.