Additional Weapon Options

I’d like to see a Chain added to the weapons list if possible, I have always used a whip in place for it but it would be nice to see this option available with a Feature to possibly Grapple/Entangle.

Name Trait Range Feature Damage Damage Type Burden
Chain Str or Agi Very Close Grapple/Entangle d6 Physical One-Handed

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There is the grappler Grappler - Finesse Close - d6 (Phy) - One-Handed

Feature: Hook (On a successful attack, you may also pull the target into Melee with you)

Secondary Weapon which while not the same comes close.

Alternately some of the class features have grapple/entangle effects that could do it. Specifically sage from ranger or druid has a tier 1 grapple effect that could be reskinned to use your weapon.

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This is a great recommendation!

Although I really want to have more options, since this is bascially a “visual” adaptation, I would recommend you to still use the Grappler or Whip, and change its name by selecting your weapon and then use the cogwheel to edit whatever it is you want to change!

I think they need a barehanded option as well - I realize if you take certain traits you can get a punchy character to be decent, but there ought to be something to represent a martial arts background in there so you can make a pugilist properly.

I made one a Guardian Stalwart and it “works” but the damage output isn’t great, whirlwind doesn’t work with unarmed because it doesn’t count as wielding a weapon. Eventually you can add your str to damage and get extra proficiency and what not, but it will never come close to using an actual weapon. And while you might say “It shouldn’t” and I can’t argue a sword will also be more dangerous than a fist, I think it should at least be viable. Can work with a GM to come up with something I’m sure, the game is fluid enough to allow that kind of flexibility I suppose.