Adjusting Ability Bonus to Damage

If a character activates their Attack Stance, or uses Focus to enhance an attack, how do we adjusts the ability bonus to damage? Is there a way to do it automatically on the sheet, or do we have to do adjust it in ‘real life’?

If I understand your question correctly, there are two options for you. I’ll provide screenshots of each.

The first would be for a one-time thing, you could just note where the ability bonus is added in damage and if you wanted to add a 12 instead of an 8, could just do that math quickly in your head.

However, if this was for several roles and you wanted a semi-permanent solution, you can use the ability to overwrite your ability stat for the duration of the power. In this screenshot, I clicked on Melee and modified my stat to be two higher, and it makes those changes in the calculation so you don’t have to do it manually.

For that route, just make sure you reset your stat once you’re done. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Unfortunately looks like option 1 is the answer to my question.

I say “unfortunately” because I have people in my group that don’t think of math as a ‘friend’ :laughing:

So, say I have someone playing Agatha, and they cast Bolts of Balthakk, and they want to add to the damage (say +5 damage for 10 focus). They would just have to at 5 to the damage in there heads. Which I understand might sound simple enough, but when the pressure is on…, ::shrugs::

With option two, you’re not just adjusting the damage but also the attack modifier, which just muddies the water (what with using the Marvel die of the attack roll for damage).

… I’m sorry, not to change the subject, but in using this example, I noticed that the Bolts of Balthakk says that you attack using Ego, but target Agility and you use Agility for damage. Is that right? So we have to do all the math in our heads anyways, because the automated damage calculations are using the Ego multiplier (x7), instead of the Agility multiplier (x5)?

I’m very new to Multiverse and Nexus, so maybe I’m missing something. Should this tangent be it’s own subject?

I am certainly not a Marvel Multiverse rules expert, so I’ll defer to someone else who has a better grasp of the rules. Here’s a conversation about this exact thing you’ve brought up from the Marvel Multiverse subreddit:

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Looked at the subreddit. Sounds like they are just as confused as I am :laughing:

If the intent is to use the same roll for attack and damage, it just makes sense to use the same stat for damage as the attack. At least when it come to using Nexus to roll the dice and do the calculations for us.

To be honest it simply looks like a ‘copy/paste’ or post modification error. They probably copied the text from another power and did not edit it fully or changed the power after playtest and did not correct it properly. I’d just use Ego for the damage bonus. It makes sense.

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