Adopted Ancestry Feat Issue

Selecting the Adopted Ancestry feat currently does nothing. There should be a way to choose which ancestry you are adopting so that you can have access to those ancestry feats.

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Thanks for the feedback. We are still working through complete coverage for all of the feats, so this is on our list! :slight_smile:


Just posting to see if you have any ETA on when this will be fixed? Also any word yet on what you are going to do for displaying MAP on the character sheet?

Thanks for following up here. Up until recently, development for the Adopted Ancestry feat was blocked by a more foundational piece of the platform that needed to be finished to allow us to introduce this type of functionality. That has recently been finished, which means we can finally take a closer look at this feat.

As far as MAP is concerned, that is already present on the sheet, and we are monitoring feedback on how it works.

In the interest of keeping things organized here in the forums, if you have feedback related to MAP, please create a new thread or share it in a previous thread about MAP, rather than continuing the conversation here, so this thread can be focused on the Adopted Ancestry feat. :slight_smile:

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Bookmarking this thread, hopefully this fix will fix ā€˜As in life, so in deathā€™