Adventure Paths and Character Options

Just a question for the sourcebook side of things and the interaction with the character tools.

Now (as i understand it), Paizo releases the character options for the new Adventure Paths for all to use, even if you do not purchase the path. Will this be the case for Nexus, or will we need to purchase the Adventure Path to get access to character options within them?


I’m not anybody here, but I think I can answer that.

You’ll be able to see the options in the compendium even without purchase.

To use them in the character manager, you’ll need to purchase.

Eventually, they plan on opening up purchase of individual options.

If they open up piecemeal purchases, then that’ll make that an easier buy. There are some things that i’m never going to run, but i want the character options for my players once everything is shook out.

I would keep an eye on humble bundles that have APs you dont have. I usually pay around $6-$8 per AP (sorry cant rememeber the exact amount). It’ll be a tiny bit more if you dont have the additional savings from bundles, but still pretty cheap.