Adventure Portal leader vs GM permissions

I created a portal for a game my friend is DMing. I found that when I set him as DM, I lose permissions for changing things like the group. settings, description and VTT link - I guess I’m essentially just a player but with the ability to change who the GM is, which is probably as it should be.

However, the placeholder text for the description and VTT link reference the “Party Leader” - “If you utilize a Virtual Tabletop, your Party Leader can provide invite links (or other links) here.” This should say “GM”. I suppose most of the time the GM and the Leader (i.e. the person to set up the portal) would be the same person, but it hasn’t accounted for where that isn’t the case.

It might be useful to have a page somewhere detailing what permissions the different roles (GM, Leader, Player) have

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take a look at that text. :slight_smile: