Adventure Portal Settings

I wasn’t certain at first, but now I’m convinced something’s not working quite right. When I click on the icon to access my Adventure Portal settings for the group I created…


…this is what I get.

That’s not right… right? How do I access my Adventure Portal settings? Am I clicking in the wrong place? Thanks for any feedback!

That is the right spot. Normally the sidebar that pops out for a group you created looks like this:
Please fill out a support ticket and we’ll go in and look at your account to see what we can do. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I submitted a ticket. I actually noticed that I have this same problem with both groups that I created. I hope other people aren’t running into this issue :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know how to provide more info to a submitted ticket (1475), but I wanted to let whoever’s looking into it know that the problem only persists when I access Demiplane via my iPad using Safari. From my iPhone, I can access the adventure portal settings without issue.

Thank you, I passed this information along to the team.

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