Adversary Tags not Showing


In the PDF version, the Adversary section has everything expressed as ‘Name - Minion’ or ‘Name - Bruiser’ etc. but this information is lost entirely on the digital version. e.g. Bear and Dire Wolf vs:

A couple of other Adversary notes as I’ve been poking through:

  • There’s a Jagged Knife Mauler listed but it opens up a Jagged Knife Kneebreaker page.
  • Small UI thing but trying to open the links as separate tabs, the main links express as images, you have to click them and then open the new tab with the ‘Details Page’ button.

Those adversary types appear on the Adversary list (Adversaries) so they’re not entirely absent but yeah they don’t appear on each adversary’s individual stat block. Would definitely be helpful to have them in the block themselves.

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