ALIEN - CMOM Maps - are there better ones?

Hi - I don’t know if i’m missing something but the maps in the Alien CMOM for the missions are not readable. I’ve only started working through them but Mission 1 Blaze of Glory has a map of the …er… medical frigate… under Locations doesn’t pop out in a cleared version when you click it and in its pretty unreadable if you zoom in manually. I’m not sure if this is intentional. It’s not useful though. I can’t screen shot, zoom and print it to use as a battle map really.

Hadleys hope maps were at least zoomable on the Core Book but they were also completely unlabelled so also not of use.

I hope I’m missing something. ;-/

So far I’ve had to 100% source maps elsewhere of the internet.

Should I be buying the FL Foundry VTT instead of Demiplane sets?

Thanks for letting us know, this sounds like we just missed processing that image as a map.

Most of the time we handle maps like in this section from earlier in the book:

However, I think we updated how we handle maps after Colonial Marines came out, so this could be a scenario where we simply missed it when making updates.

We’ll see if the image file Free League sent us for the maps from Hope’s Last Day have labels we can add. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Either way, I’ve passed this along to the team to take a look at. :slight_smile:

Thanks - The FL maps do often leave a lot to be desired. I took a quick look at some of the other missions in CMOM as well and it seems most of the don’t have the “View full size” button. All are pretty unreadable as a result if i use ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom.

We’ve fixed the ones you’ve called out in your initial post. I’ll make a note for the team to do a pass through the rest of the maps :slight_smile:

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Thanks - now we just need FL to release printer-friendly versions of all of their maps too!

I appreciate the updates - thank you very much.

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