Alien CORE BOOK dice icon missing in Resilient talent

I’m not sure if this is across more talents yet but the Resilient Talent doesn’t display the dice icon in its description.

It’d actually be handy if it just had the number tbh. Not everyone will be using the Aliens dice (nice as they are, they are not cheap)

[Resilient - Talents - ALIEN RPG Nexus (]
(Resilient - Talents - ALIEN RPG Nexus)

Looks like it might be more than just that talent, found it on Analysis too.

and Second Wind, Investigator, Piloting, and Counselor… might want to check your use of the dice icons across the whole content. I found these by searching the pdf content for “For each” and “For every” and then compared to the demiplane content.

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll take a look.

Thanks again for the report - the dice icons weren’t displaying in the proper color in listings in the game compendium, but were correct in the digital reader content.

The listings display should be fixed now.

Thankyou :wink:

Dice still missing in The Long Haul talent.

It looks like we were missing instances of the Panic icon in that area…so maybe that was our subconscious trying to hide those to not have to deal with them. :scream:

Fixed now, thanks!

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