ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook - Support Mega-Thread

Post any issues you discover as you explore Early Access of the ALIEN RPG NEXUS in this thread. Specifically anything with the first few titles.

Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access!

Under Careers\ Company Agent \ Career Talents \ Cunning

Displays [Under Construction]

Thanks! We’ll take a look at it!

Under Careers\ Colonial Marine \ Key Skills \ Stamina

Displays [Under Construction]

Thanks! We should have both of those fixed now!

Looks good. Thanks!

When time permits

In this example selecting Push takes you back to the Sources page. The Talents page has several of these issues and could use another scan when time permits.

I am really enjoying what you have done with the Core Rulebook.

Thank You.

We’ll take a look at them!

We’ve done a full review of that section. Should be all fixed! :slight_smile:

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Please pass along my thanks to everyone

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Under Threats \ Drone \ Grabbed - returns you to the Sources page.

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Threats \ Tanakan Scorpionoid \Grappled and Virulence rating - returns you to the Sources page.

Thanks, we’re looking into these as we speak! :slight_smile:

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Talents \ The Long Haul \ INSERT-ICON

Links showing Under Construction

*Block Attack *
Blocking, Block, Close Combat Attack, Xenomorph

*Close Combat Attack *
A melee weapon, Drawing, Get up, Close combat attacks, Picking up

*Crawl *

Docking station module

*Reload *

*Retreat *
Close combat, attack, block

*Seek Cover *

*Shoot Firearm *
Throw, draw, firing a weapon, aim

*Throw Weapon *
Shoot, throw, draw, firing a weapon, aim

Maybe this format is easier?

A mechanical question

You have certain links in this example Actions\Crawl\Cramped Zone

Clicking Cramped Zone moves me to the new URL, but how to I get quickly back from where I was at?

In order for me to get back I have to navigate back to Game Rules and then Actions and finally find the correct page and Action I was reviewing.

A lot of work!

How do you quickly navigate and get back from where you started?


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We’re working on those fixes.

As far as navigating goes, I tend to use the back button a lot in my browser to navigate back to a listing from a linked page.

It doesn’t get you back to the same listing you were looking at, but it does get you back to the same page. :slight_smile:

I have been doing right click and selecting Open Link in New Tab or Open Link in new Window as a work around.

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That’s probably the best way to do it as of right now. I default to opening things in new tabs, usually, but if I ever click something and it takes me somewhere that I don’t want to stay, the browser back button will get me close enough. :slight_smile:

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