All I care about is Pathfinder 2e... could you?

Seriously, how long has it been?
And I still can’t find a game with this?
I still can’t join a game?
if I make a game portal, will anyone ever know if it is active, or if it is dead?

It seems I am “Stuck” with having tried to contact two groups, for the past few years.
Now? I can’t even get the option to leave, and it didn’t work even when it existed!

can you tell me when this is working and don’t bother me with anything else until then?
I only play one game. I only care about one game. that is Pathfinder 2e.
You aren’t going to see any investment by me…
if this tool continues to be vapor ware with purdy pikturs!

come on!

While I can’t really follow what you’re getting at in your post, I’ll take a couple of guesses to try to help you.

If you make a game portal and turn matchmaking on, others will see the game in the list of games available depending on how they filter their search.

If you wish to unsubscribe from Demiplane emails, you can do so in the bottom footer of any of the update / informational emails that we send.

If I’m missing anything else you were communicating with your post, submitting a support ticket will allow us to gather more specific information to help you.

And lastly, we appreciate the feedback that the visuals are looking solid.


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