Alpha Feedback

My first impressions are highly positive regarding the direction of the builder and sheet.

I’ll keep returning to this thread with my feedback as I am able.

As a general note, I would recommend a wider border at the bottom of the page. The panels in the builder and sheet all terminate dead even with the top of my laptop taskbar. It fooled me more than once into thinking that the page had frozen because I intuitively expect to find some extra background below the panel when I scroll.

Made a sword and board fighter and gave him a bastard sword. On the sheet, the crit button in the dropdown menu appears inoperable.

Things got strange when went through the builder in anything but a linear manner. If I hopped around between steps at all, I started seeing option lists repeating themselves multiple times.

This was encountered on 12/9/22, so it may already be addressed.

I’d like to have the ability to switch back and forth between the builder and sheet.

I think that my preference would be for naming the character and choosing a portrait a little later in the creation process instead of first thing.

I tend to refine a character concept as I build and rarely start off with a name or image in mind.

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate the way you’ve structured this thread. :slight_smile:

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I had a lot of problems with lag during character creation, waiting 20-30 seconds every time I clicked something. Not sure if that is my laptop or the site. It was the only issue I had during creation.

I also experienced quite a bit of lag while selecting options. I do like the overall design of the builder so far, though.

Thanks for sharing - we haven’t put any optimizations at all in place for performance in the alpha build yet, so that is not surprising to hear.

Fingers crossed, we’ll have our first (of likely many) iteration of performance updates in tomorrow’s build (which will be the last release before we take a two week holiday break).

Much appreciated!

Tried making my first character, a wizard. Added a skill and then tried to remove it via the [-] button, which completely locked it out from being selected ever again (until I refreshed).

Also, I don’t think I can opt to take ALL of the schools, but this girl was able to (can’t embed the 2nd image, but, I was able to select all of them.)

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I’m sorry, I broke everything. This is a 3rd level character I started in Dec and…well she and I broke more things.

Haha, thanks for reporting. We’re aware that there is an ongoing issue with selecting wizard schools. Those spellcasters just like to break things sometimes… it’s almost like they’re magic. :slight_smile:

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I like the interface, character creation is fast. I appreciate the toggles for descriptions on skills, feats, etc instead of a hover. Initially I didn’t notice that for each section, you have the number for things that need to be selected before icon will change to checkbox. Once I realized it was there, I like it. Rolled poorly on my first perception check!

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