Amazingly Responsive Team

I just wanted to toss a quick shout out to @MellieDM and @BadEye. I have been reading through a great many posts on these Forums and I am genuinely impressed.

I remember a time when I could literally call a customer service number and speak directly to an Agent of a company, even the likes of EA or Blizzard. As the years went on we shifted to Forums for a while it was nice as the staff members were still connected and very responsive. However, we eventually moved away from that communal space and now days I send an email, and maybe, maybe someone will reply in 7 - 10 business days (Monday - Friday).

Being here, seeing just how quick, responsive, and passionate the community response team here is so impressive to me. Something that was at one point common place is sadly not so common now.

But I am sure I speak for more than just myself when I say MellieDM and BadEye make it feel like our comments, concerns and questions are not only being heard but getting answered and resolved.

So again, thank you both for the active responses and outstanding work!!!


Thank YOU for sharing your appreciation. It warms my heart, truly. :blue_heart: