Ancestry Choices - Gnomes

I just started taking a look at the game, and I’m working on making a character. But I’m already disheartened by the absence of Gnomes. I understand many people don’t like them or think they can just be replaced by Halflings. But a small, highly magical humanoid ancestry connected with both arcana and nature with a whimsical flair, I feel is missing. I know I see the faeries, but its not the same and I’m not a big fan of insect themes for faeries.

If they need a unique twist, maybe the appearance of gnomes are heavily affected by the land they were born on. So like mountain gnomes are all rocky, or cave gnomes have gems or crystals growing on them., there could be swam, and forest gnomes. I just want my short, pointed eared, magical gnomes…


I had the same experience. Missing my gnomes! I’m thinking of going Goblin instead.

I thought about that, but I’m not very goblin-E I’m just not super interested in them but if that ends up being my only other option I might : (

What would be the mechanical feature for Gnomes? Advantage on Knowledge checks? Some sort of Crafting ability since gnomes are basically the pre-Tolkien elves from fairy tales that would cobble shoes for a lonely old cobbler or similar?

A few odd thoughts about gnome options.

1/ Size is not fixed in this game so an easy option would be small elves.

2/ The books allow for hybrid races so you could pick a race combo to craft a gnome allowing for personalization.

3/ The pointy hats clearly indicate that gnomes are fungils that just happen to look like small people with pointy red hats. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with @jenasrhodry, the game allows for hybrid races (see the playtest manual for details).

Also be sure to include that in the feedback survey as you play! Mention that you created Gnomes using insert personalization from hybrid creation and perhaps we can see some change or additions to Ancestry as well.

my first thought as well! I sort of love gnomes, ever since I built my first one, it tends to be the race tend toward over any other and they feel so different to halfling to me. I especially love how gnomes have vast, deep interests, and often choose a name, change their name often, or let their friends choose their name, as it makes me connect to naming much more and also not feel like it’s such a monumental decision if I decide another name feels better for my character later on, it’s just a gnome quirk! I hate picking names!

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My go to has always been Gnomes! I play other races but find I am more comfortable as a Gnome. Most of my most compelling games have been while playing gnomes.

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