Ancestry Feats Not Showing

Half-Elf and Half-Orc Ancestries are not getting the access to the their feats. Only the Human feats show up. For example a Half-elf does not have the option to choose Elven Weapon Familiarity.


Thanks! We’ll look into it!

Nearly 2 months later and still notice, at least the half-orc, issue.

As I’ve shared in other places, a reply saying we’ll look into something is confirmation it is on our list to address before we release the Open Beta to the public, but we aren’t putting any timetables on that for now.

The half-orc and half-elf issues here are indeed on the list, and we will get to it as we work through that part of the list.

The focus for the last couple of months has been on getting core systems (such as the introduction of spells) released into the alpha, because those are the bigger lifts. It all has to be done and polished before the Open Beta, so that means some of the content-related issues like this will be addressed a little later in the process since they are more known quantities / lower-hanging fruit.


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