Ancestry Heritages and Feats

I’ve noticed that non-CRB Heritages are available to select for any Ancestry (that I’ve looked at), but the associated Feats for that Heritage still need to be purchased before they can be selected. For example: you can select the Beastkin or Ifrit Heritages from Lost Omen but have to buy Lost Omen to select any of the related Beastkin or Ifrit feats. This also occurs with Aasimar and Dhampir in the Advanced Players Guide as just the few I’ve tested.

Is this intentional to allow players access to all the Heritages? Or should players need to purchase the Heritage/source-book to select that option in the Character Creator?

*edited for clarity

This is a great callout, thank you! I don’t believe that’s intended behavior, so I’ve made a note for the team to review this and see why you can select those options if you don’t own the associated books.

Thanks! :slight_smile: