Ancestry Selection Layout

I’m brand new to the Alpha so forgive me if this is already covered or not relevant.
My first impression is ‘ya, this is gonna be super useful’ and I can imagine myself losing hours just building characters. But when I got to the ancestry selection something felt out of place and disrupted the flow from a visual aesthetic. I have included a screenshot of the dwarf page with annotation to depict what I am about to write, but this applies to all ancestry pages.

  1. the section titled “ABOUT THE DWARF ANCESTRY” isn’t actually about the dwarf ancestry. It is simply the generic text of what an ancestry is while the actual meat of what a dwarf is is already covered in the Dwarf Details section. This is replicated on every ancestry page.

  2. the ancestry text highlighted in the above image would be better located just under the Select Ancestry title so that it is in a static location, always visible to remind the player, and does not need to be duplicated on every sub-page where it provides no additional value.

  3. with that text moved you can also delete the ‘ABOUT’ text from the title line. so it would just be ‘THE DWARF ANCESTRY’ or ‘THE KOBLOD ANCESTRY’, giving the section a little more punch and helping with the player’s immersion in the character build.

Thank you for your time

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Thanks for the feedback!