Android Firefox App experience

It’s such a specific thing, but I’ve found while trying to engage with the nexus on my phone it’s always mis-sized from the bottom due to it not allowing my url bar to hide.

The bottom of each page cuts off at least a line of text, and it’s generally just always offstep. I don’t know why it won’t hide the url bar. But Demiplane as a whole acts like there’s space behind my url bar. Even when I turn off the hide url feature.

It’s frustrating and makes going through some things rather difficult with having to go to landscape mode to engage with some of the search functions in the item list. As well as not being able to scroll the full table lists at times.

Thanks for letting us know! We’re aware that Firefox handles some things differently than Chrome and other browsers, and adding on the mobile experience on top of that, I can imagine there are a couple factors at play.

I’ll make a note for our team to take a look at this when we have the chance. :slight_smile:

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