Animist Character Build won't complete Class options

Apologies if I’m repeating but I have done several searches and not found a post about this.

Trying to make a Beastkin Dwarf as an Animist. In the Class section it states I’ve completed 9/10 items but there are no other items for me to resolve. My Feral Child background and Animist class both provide Trained in Nature, but the character builder does allow me to chose a different Skill - I have chosen Crafting.

I am unsure how to proceed and the builder doesn’t seem to be able to properly propagate the character sheet without it all being complete.

Hi there!

This usually happens when there’s an open text field to fill in–such as if you’re granted a unique lore type that you choose the name of, or if you have a familiar or animal companion to name. But no worries if that’s not the case, you should still be able to progress.

Either way, you should be able to go to the character sheet without completing a character. While in the builder, this will be at the bottom of the left pane on desktop beneath Save Changes:

Or if on mobile, you can tap the number of choices in the top right corner, and then scroll to the bottom for the “Character Sheet” button. Shown in this gif:


Hopefully that helps! If it does, you can then also grab the share link on that character, and provide it here. I’d be happy to take a look at what this missing option might be and if there’s something I can fix on our end. The sharing settings are found when on the character sheet by tapping/clicking on the portrait of the character, which opens the settings sidebar. At the bottom of that sidebar are the sharing settings. Make sure to set it to “Anyone with a link” and then copy the link to share here.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just found the place where I select the Apparitions. Not very intuitive, but my problem has been solved. Thank you so much for your patience and help!

Yes, I’m able to go to the character sheet without proceeding through the character builder.
But I’m not able to actually select any spells beyond cantrips. Maybe the site just hasn’t caught up to having the Animist class or something? I can’t seem to create a spell repertoire because there’s nowhere to select my Apparitions. And because I can’t create a spell repertoire, I can’t select the spells I want to prepare.

Is this just something I’m meant to do on paper off the site?

Here’s the link to my character… I think. I’m not sure if I’ve got that right either.

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Thanks for the update! I’m glad you were able to find where to choose your apparitions, and I’m happy to pass on the feedback from your experience. Hope you have fun playing your new Animist!