Answer the Call - Apply to Become a Demiplane Community Moderator!

Hello everyone!

We are thrilled with the growth we’ve seen in recent months! Thousands of fans already digging into Demiplane’s NEXUS digital tools in Early Access, and development of the cornerstone - character tools - is making solid progress.

As we’re getting closer to Open Beta for character tools and full launch of Pathfinder NEXUS, as well as continuing down the path to providing great tools for all the other great games we support, we have had some people ask if they could help out with the forums, Discord, Twitch, and the other places where fans can find Demiplane.

That said, the time is right for us to bring in some community moderators to help us engage with the ever-expanding community.

If you would like to join our team of moderators, please fill out the form below - it should only take around five minutes.

Apply to Become a Demiplane Moderator


From my past life creating top-tier digital tools, I saw first-hand how essential it was to have the best team of community moderators in the world, and I look forward to repeating and surpassing that here at Demiplane!


Note: You will be contacted via Forum or Discord direct message if we are interested to continue the conversation with you. We will also update this thread once all moderators have been picked for this first round!