ANY ETA on when we will be able to buy things piecemeal?

I like the site, as I also like D&D Beyond. I already invested quite a bit of money into it, because I believe it should and can succeed.

However, being able to buy things piecemeal like in DDB is critical to me switching over from Pathbuilder.

My character has a single item from his time in Fall of Plaguestone, The Ring of the Weary Traveler.

I cant add this item to my Sheet without buying the whole adventure for 35$, which is of no interest to me, since I dont plan to DM it. I just ran through it as a Player. There are a few more items on my Pathbuilder sheet with a similar issue. If I could buy them for 2$ each, I could complete my Character for maybe 10$ and move to using Demiplane. Right now, I would need to pay 100$+ just to finish my Character Sheet.


Also, party inventory management. DDB has been promising it forever. It’d be a major coup if demiplane did it first. :laughing:

No ETA yet, but it is indeed on the roadmap, and we will share more as we are able to do so.