Any news on the VtM character creation?


One of the things that drew me to DnDBeyond is the character creation. I was delighted to see the world of Darkness being digitally available (hence I purchased all the books). Now there is a button stating character creation will be available early 2023, So I’ve been checking back monthly, now we’ve passed the first quarter of the year. Is there any update?

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Hello, and thanks for posting and checking in for updates.

Our target for character tools for Vampire NEXUS has indeed been the first half of this year. As I have shared in recent Dev Update streams, we have made progress on the characters part of the platform itself (piloting right now with Pathfinder’s Closed Alpha, but that work also applies to Vampire since it’s all part of the same platform). Vampire and Avatar Legends are the other two games we are working on, and getting all the specific mechanics in for all three of those games is going on in parallel at this point.

We might not hit the first half of the year, but we’re going to be close - unless a black hole sun takes us all out or something, it will definitely be this year, and closer to the middle part of the year in the worst case.

We set out with this platform approach where while adding in the first game took many months, we would have scalability to be able to onboard other games like Vampire much quicker - our success depends on that since we have so many games we’re going to support. The good news is, as we have started working on Vampire and Avatar, our hypothesis about the increase in speed is proving true so far.

I’ll keep sharing more in our Dev Update streams, and in the meantime, we’ve updated the Vampire NEXUS homepage to remove the “early” to hopefully reduce some confusion.

More to come. Thanks again!


Thank you for the update BarEye!

I’m so excited for this!! Keep up the good work :heart:

I’m super glad to hear it.
It’s so much easier to keep track of everything with automated systems.

Any updates on the timeline of character tools??:eyes::eyes:

We’ve shared some updates on other posts, which I’ll paraphrase here:

We’ve been in active development for the Vampire character tools for some time. We’ll be able to share more in the coming months, but still expect to release them in beta form before the end of this year.

We are pleased with the progress we’ve made so far. By taking the time to build out a firm foundation when developing our Pathfinder character tools, we’ve made it easier to move faster on subsequent sets of character tools, like the ones we’re currently developing for Vampire and Avatar Legends. Since Avatar Legends is mechanically simpler, we expect they will release first, but we have been building the two in parallel. :slight_smile:

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any updates its all most the end of the year

Thanks for checking in! We released our Vampire Character Tools back in October - Go hop in now!