Any One on One PBP

So, I’m looking for any sort of One on One Play By Post game at this point. I just really miss roleplaying like that. I could do Pathfinder, but with any other system or game I would need guidance. I also have my own homemade roleplaying system for anyone who might be interested in that.

I just have a plethora of character ideas and would really like to roleplay with someone.

What do you mean by one on one pbp? Are you looking for 1gm and 1 player. There’s a ton of pathfinder pbp out there, and if you need help finding it outside of the forums I can point it out.

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I am hoping for one GM and one player, yes. Have you seen anything like that?

No. I’d say not. The system is designed around 4 players as the standard. I’m not aware of any gms wanting to go through the modifications necessary to make it work for 1 player

What if it was 1 player, but 4 characters?

Is there a reason you don’t want other players?

Yeah, and it’s basically this:

I really like Play-by-Post roleplaying. I’ve done it for years. However, I’ve found that when it’s got more than two people doing it, then one of a few things tend to happen that ruin it. One, someone in the group stops posting, and then the two remaining people are left thinking, “Ok, so do we proceed without them or what?” Two, you end up with two or three people who keep going with the story, and in time they end up so far ahead of those who weren’t able to be there the whole time that those who fell behind have lost track of where the story has gone.

So, I prefer Play-by-Post one on one. The problem is that I haven’t been able to find that in a long time.

Sounds like you’ve ended up in bad groups. I tend to keep a list of people that I prefer to play with whom respond. Some of the content we play only lasts 1-2 weeks though. There are more consistent posters in play by discord which is the same thing just using discord

I didn’t realize there was a Play by Discord forum.

My Vampire group is play-by-post, but yeah we use Discord. I guess that makes us play-by-discord lol. We’re only four (ST and three players) and we’re fortunate not to have the issue you’ve described (we make sure to communicate a lot, including any disruptions in our regular schedule.) It’s definitely very important to find the right group for you—whether it’s one other, three other, or ten other people.

Would you guys be willing to teach me to play Vampire the Masquerade? I’ve never played it before, but been interested in it lately.

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We’d be more than happy to, and I’d be more than happy to—but it might be awhile before we’re available for that (we’re knee-deep in a pretty intense chronicle!) When I have an opening for something like that, I’ll be happy to reach out to you ^^

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Whenever there’s an opening, please do reach out. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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