Any thought yet for Roll20 access with this?

I know it has been mentioned a couple times but anything new on linking your PF II to Roll20yet?

Character sheet when its done here, and books and AP’s that are missing there as well.




I’m not 100% sure what you mean by

but we target having the character sheet into Early Access this year and for all of the Adventure Paths to be caught up in the next quarter or so.

As for “linking” Pathfinder NEXUS content to other platforms, we don’t have formal plans to do so in the short term, but we know there are community-driven efforts that will tackle that (we’ve spoken to several interested parties) once character management is live on PFN.



I’m hoping at least for something like the dndbeyond integration Foundry module that allows you to cast dndbeyond rolls/features/etc to the vtt via an extension. I believe that’s a community produced tool, and it is really helpful.

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Thanks BadEye, there was talk and chat from day one that Pathfinder 2nd Ed Demiplane is not a VTT but can compliment them and maybe some type of intigration might be feasable for some specific VTT’s at some point. So just checking in if this was lost in the shuffle for the upcoming character sheet and getting AP’s out there.

More like if I make a character here, can I easily transferr it to Roll20, or an AP or a book kind of thing. Some just can’t happen as they would compete with the same products for sale on said VTT’s but the character sheet would not as far as I know.

Thanks for the reply!!


Anything of note yet BadEye or is this still still being thought upon or just not happening?



Hello there…I’ve already answered this above.

We don’t have formal plans to integrate in the short term, but we know of some community efforts that are looking to do so once character management is live on Pathfinder NEXUS.

If that changes and we do any kind of formal integration, we will shout it from the rooftops.

Regarding the “from day one” part of the conversation, I’ll clarify that I meant that Demiplane is not focused on creating a VTT at this time, but everything you can use here in the NEXUS is able to be ported over and used alongside your VTT of choice. In my past life, we saw this all the time with DDB, and the community tools I mentioned should do a great job of helping that out. Something like creating a character on PFN (once it’s available) and using it in a VTT, that will absolutely be possible at some point, whether through those community extensions or something more formal from us.