Any way to see my group's characters yet?

Hi all, our group is getting prepped to start our first PF2e campaign - I know it was still not implemented back in early summer, but how do I, as the GM, see my party’s characters? We have a group created in Nexus already, but I don’t think the characters are shareable yet, right? How about even a PDF export?

There must be some way for the party to share their new characters?


It’s so exciting when a campaign is getting started!

It is possible for all of your players to share their character sheets for you to view by clicking on the character’s portrait on their sheet, which opens their sheet settings menu. At the bottom of that menu, they can update their share settings (private by default) to let anyone with the link view their sheet.

Eventually, there will be an easier way for GMs to manage campaigns and view/edit their players character sheets built right into groups, but we’re still a ways away from that, since we want to get character tools across the finish line before shifting our focus away to work on something else. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply - this definitely helps in the interim! Look forward to more integrated methods down the road :slight_smile:

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